Thursday, September 6, 2007

How was it in the Past - Reinstate...

Has the blast from the past left you wishing for more about the evolution of Vista? And have you also been wondering if deep down there is a live wire, that flows through Vista year on year?

Then you have to check out the curtain raiser video for Vista 2K6.

Vista - 2006

How was it in the Past?

I am sure you would have wondered, about the whats and hows of Vista in its previous avatars, and let us assure you that was precisely the thought that we had when we started our ideation and brainstorming sessions for Vista 2K7 (and let us also assure you that the party and fun stories posted earlier are mere cover ups :-) ).

Let us then just walk you through what Vista stood for in its previous versions, and lets start with the Vista 2K5.

Vista - 2005

But thats not the end of it, there is loads of it yet to come, so do keep hanging around!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Poster Rolling Session at IIM B

We had the Manifestations and the Bzzwings posters rolled and sent to various colleges a few days ago. Here is part of the video showing the IIM B junta rolling up their sleeves and getting up to the task

Poster Rolling Session

These were then sent to various colleges throughout the country. More to follow soon!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bzzwings the B Plan Contest

Bzzwings, the business plan contest

Bzzwings is an open theme contest and an unprecedented opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. One of the flagship events at Vista every year, Bzzwings attracts a large participation from students and corporates across the country. This year, the event promises to be a true vehicle to launch entrepreneurs’ dreams, awarding incubation benefits to the best business plans received.

So why don't you visit, to check out the for more details, and be a part of Vista 2007.

Manifestations - The Paper Presentation Contest

Manifestations, the paper presentation contest

As a part of Vista 2007, we bring you Manifestations, the paper presentation contest in association with Capgemini. Manifestations is arguably the best platform for unveiling your contributions to management thought across six disciplines – Marketing, Finance, Economics & Social Sciences, Telecommunications, Strategy and Operations.

So why don't you visit, to check out the for more details, and be a part of Vista 2007.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Logo - Vista 2K7

Rediscover : Businesses today have to Rediscover their markets. The whole world is growing at a very rapid pace. Things are changing while this article is being written, and it is simply not done, if a company says "I am going to do business the good old way". It may not be long before that business gets eaten up. Learn to ReDiscover.

Redefine : This would mean that companies have to sit up and think if the targets they have set for themselves are in fact achievable or on the other hand, very modest. Given the completely changing business scene, it is now just not enough if a company has a "10% increase in profits every year" as its motto.

Refocus : A question that every manager has to ask is, "Am I focusing my energies in the right direction?". While Focus helps channelize efforts, Refocusing would help find where to Focus. The whole world is thrown wide open and businesses today have options of manufacturing in one country, selling in another, financing in another and maintaining their information in another. Is it time then to Refocus?

To cut the story short, the logo represents the need for companies to ReBusiness

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vista 2K7

Every Vista carries a THEME with it.

Last year’s theme was Business Beyond Boundaries. It was a fest that brought out the need to push the boundaries in business. To create opportunities in this world of change is not a mean task. One has to think out of the box and innovate. In a sense, the business of the future would not be bound by boundaries.

This year’s theme is


It is all about exploring the different aspects of a business.

For example,

If you are a manager, you may ask, “How do I redefine my targets so as to maximize my profits?”

You may also think about “How do I rediscover new markets?

Well, the answer is through Re-Business - Do Business Differently